Everywhere you turn there is dire news about the economy. Then there’s the occasional bright spot, so what do you believe?

What you need to believe in is you and your business. While you don’t necessarily want to be spending a fortune on marketing at this point, you do still need to market your business. The ‘experts’ agree that marketing your business during this time is essential. It will give you a head start on the others that have done little or nothing to promote their business when the economy picks up.

And that’s where NAWBO Ventura County comes in. This is an organization of women dedicated to promoting and growing their businesses. And what better place to find resources for your business? In sales, you are always told to go to the decision maker, not the gate keeper. Come check us out. We are a part of a nationwide organization of decision makers. NAWBO VC membership can give you access to people throughout California or nationally. It all depends on what you need for your business, what fits.

While NAWBO is not a traditional ‘leads’ group, women tend to do business with people they know and have a relationship with. Many NAWBO VC members do business with other chapter members because of the networking that takes place. So make NAWBO VC a part of your ‘marketing’ plan, and come see us soon!